Big Truck Salvage Yards

Big truck salvage yards are businesses that specialize in the sale of salvaged heavy-duty trucks and/or the sale of heavy-duty truck parts. Heavy-duty trucks include models by International, Ford, GMC, Mack, Freightliner, Peterbuilt, and others; they are used for commercial purposes or heavy-duty tasks and include dump trucks, car carriers, pro sleepers, beverage trucks, trash trucks, and more. Big truck salvage yards buy salvaged heavy-duty trucks so that they can be sold for parts or they can be purchased for truck rebuilding projects.

Types Of Big Truck Salvage Yards

There are many different makes and models of big trucks that you can find in big truck salvage yards. Popular makes and models include White/GMC, Western Star, Volvo, UD, Thomas, Sterling, Peterbilt, Ottawa, Oshkosh, Navistar, Mitsubishi, Marmon, Kenworth, Isuzu, International, Hino, FWD, Freightliner, Ford, Dana, Chevrolet, Bluebird, Bering, and AutoCar, among others. Salvage yards are frequented by companies that have small or large commercial truck operations or by business owners who rely on the use of heavy-duty trucks in order to transport or haul materials. Some shops that offer repair services for big trucks also turn to salvage yards for parts or supplies. This allows the mechanic to hand down additional savings to their customers.

When a big truck requires repair or maintenance, companies can save money on parts by investing in rebuilt or salvaged parts. However, when you buy used parts for heavy-duty trucks you will have to bear in mind that you do not know the full history of the vehicle, so some parts may have more wear and tear than other trucks. If you shop online for used parts through salvage yards, you can simplify your search for parts. Many salvage yards have websites that allow you to view their inventory online and to conduct a search for parts. If you do not find the exact part you need within the existing inventory of a salvage yard, you can sometimes request that the salvage yard do a parts search for you or you can request a part and the salvage yard will attempt to get the part you need. You can also request a quote online for any part you require; this allows you to conduct a price comparison so you can buy the least expensive parts available.

When you buy salvage parts from big truck salvage yards, you are getting used or refurbished parts, not new. While you can actually save as much as 80 percent on the cost of parts when you buy your parts from a salvage yard, you still have additional fees you will have to pay when you place an order for parts. Some companies offer free shipping options with your order, while other salvage yards might charge you a shipping fee based on the size and weight of the part you order. If you order large parts, engines, or transmissions, this means that the fees you pay for shipping can prove considerable. If it is possible for you to do so, it is best to shop with a local salvage yard: doing so will allow you to pick up the parts you require so you can save on shipping costs.

You may have to search the inventory of more than one salvage yard to find the parts you need for your commercial vehicle; not every salvage yard has the same truck inventory available. It also means that the length of warranty on a salvaged part may differ from the length of warranty you would receive on a new part. Some salvage yards accept a variety of different payment methods for parts. If you order a part online, you are offered secure methods for paying for the parts that you order and you can pay by credit card for ordered parts.

Find Big Truck Salvage Yards Online

Buddy's Garage

Buddy's Garage is located at 4525 VOA Road in Washington, North Carolina. The company is popular because it specializes in the sale of salvage parts, over the road trailers and tractors, trucks, and used vehicles. This salvage company is one of the largest in the entire Eastern North Carolina Region. The business is personally owned and operated and the owner has 25 years experience in the salvage and parts industry. Buddy's Garage sells a variety of heavy salvage trucks including 1992 GMC trucks, 2005 GMC W5500 SERIES trucks, 2002 International trucks, 1995 International 4900 trucks, 1998 UD BOX model 1400 trucks, 1999 STERLING trucks, Peterbuilt Rollbacks, Ford Box trucks, Ford Trash trucks, International car carriers, dump trucks, pro sleepers, Freightliners, beverage trucks and more. Every truck is listed with information about the body color, engine type, transmission type, body measurements, condition, and pricing. Photographs are also supplied. For more information visit http://buddysgarage.webs.com/.

Eubanks Trucks Inc.

Eubanks Trucks Inc. is a company located at 3708 North Hopkins Road, Richmond, Virginia. The company has specialized in the sale of salvaged trucks and parts for more than forty years. New salvaged heavy-duty trucks are added on a weekly basis. Some heavy-duty vehicle models on offer presently include the Ford F Model as well as the Orion 40 Foot bus. This company is successful in the salvage industry because they buy salvaged trucks, sell trucks and parts, and they service engines and transmissions as well. For more information visit http://eubanktrucks.com/index.php?page=Home.

LKQ's® Goody,s Truck Parts & Equipment

LKQ's® Goody,s Truck Parts & Equipment is located at 5245 Lewis Avenue in Toledo, Ohio. This company has more than 30 acres of land home to a variety of 1-ton heavy-duty trucks with model years ranging from 1971 to 2007. The company also has specialized equipment parts and they are willing to ship parts internationally as well as nationwide. The cost of the delivery of the part you order will vary depending on what you order, its size, and its weight. Salvaged heavy truck parts include axle housings, shafts, Bell housings, gay calves, differentials, engines, flex plates, hubs, flywheel housings, front steering axles, transitions, and more. The company also sells Mack, International, Volvo, UD, Isuzu, GMC, Hino, Mitsubishi, Ford, Detroit, Cummins, and Caterpillar rebuilt engines. For more information visit http://www.goodystruck.com/.

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