Ford Heavy Duty Truck Parts

The key to getting quality Ford heavy duty truck parts from a salvage yard, parts seller, or parts manufacturer is in identifying the correct parts number. The Ford heavy duty truck parts number is made up of a service number and an engineering designation number. The number of the part will typically be arranged in an A1AA-1111-A format with four letters and numbers, followed by four numbers, followed by a single letter. With heavy Ford heavy duty truck parts there will be a letter “T” that indicates that the part is for a truck, and in the engineering designation the “T” will be the fourth letter indicating that the truck is for commercial or heavy duty purposes.

When you need Ford heavy duty truck parts you will want to make sure you have to right parts number to ensure you get the proper part. Ford parts are made of alpha numeric characters that can be used to ensure you are referencing the right part when you are getting in touch with a salvage yard, part supplier, or parts locator. Using the right parts number ensures that you get that part you need and that you do not have to return a part that was ordered incorrectly. When in doubt you can get in touch with a Ford manufacturing center to find out more about a part and where you can get one.

All Ford heavy duty truck parts have three segments; the first part of the parts code is the prefix, the second segment of the code is the basic part number and the final segment of the part code is called the suffix. A Ford heavy duty truck part&'s prefix will typically host four numbers. The middle portion or part number will have anywhere from four to five numbers or characters, and the suffix commonly has a single letter which will indicate the color of the part or vehicle.

When buying Ford heavy duty truck parts from a salvage yard you might be surprised to find out just how much information a parts code reveals. First, the two characters in the code will be indicative of the actual decade that the truck was manufactured and the number that appears after the letter will refine the information b y defining the year the part was made. For example, if you se F4 on the part code it means that the heavy duty truck part was made in the 1990s, more specifically in the year 1994. In terms of decades, the letters A through G represent the decades beginning with the 1940s up into the 2000s.

The Ford heavy duty truck parts numbers will range from 1000 to 7000, with 1000 indicating heavy duty truck wheel parts, 2000 indicating brake parts, 3000 indicating steering and suspension parts, 4000 indicating driveshaft and axle parts, and 5200 indicating exhaust parts. Numbers starting with 5300 or 5400 are stabilizers or front springs, and numbers ranging from 5500 to 5900 are indicative or rear spring Ford heavy duty truck parts. Meanwhile, numbers in the 6000s are engine parts and numbers in the 7000s are transmission parts.

How Do I Figure Out What Part I Need?

If you are seeking Ford heavy duty truck parts for the body of the truck you will see a two digit body code in the parts number. If you search through a salvage yard catalog online and you do not see the specific part you require for your heavy duty truck you can see if the salvage yard offers parts finding solutions. Having the exact parts number you need will help you convey your needs to the salvage yard and the owner of the salvage yard can then convey your needs to a network of parts suppliers. Parts finding solutions are generally free so you are not charged anything to seek out the specific parts you required. For a detailed account of how to decode a Ford heavy duty truck part you can visit Fomoco.org at http://www.fomoco.org/Part%20numbers.htm.

If after contacting a parts locating service you are still having trouble finding the parts you need you can search other salvage yards to see if they sell the parts you require. You also have to option of checking out classified ads in the paper or online where private sellers will sometimes sell heavy duty truck parts. Online auction sites make it easy for you to bid on heavy duty truck parts in some instances as well. You can easily find ignition switches, alternators, mufflers, ignition locks, fuel pumps, starters, relays, grilles, water pumps, timing sets, and heavy duty truck manuals online for sale. Truck Paper is just one site that offers easy to search databases of parts at http://www.truckpaper.com/Default.aspx.

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