Salvage WWII Vehicles from Europe

Many of the vehicles manufactured in the US were shipped to Britain, the USSR, China and other countries and once damaged, ended up in salvage yards throughout Europe.

Other damaged vehicles ended up completely destroyed, in rivers, lakes, and some of these vehicles are still being rediscovered today. The salvaged WWII vehicle definitely appeals to war artifact collectors, historians, and museums around the world. In some cases, vehicle rebuilders also find WWII vehicles appealing.

Types OF WWII Vehicles Europe Options

Some of the most common European salvaged vehicles available in salvage yards for rebuild projects or for collectors is the Jeep. In “The Library of Congress World War II Companion,” edited by David M. Kennedy, it&'s explained that the US four wheel drive Jeep was one of the most common vehicles used in the US and Europe during World War II. In fact, according to Kennedy, General Dwight Eisenhower called the Jeep one of three chief military vehicles that helping in winning WWII and George C. Marshall was cited as having said that the Jeep was one of the “America&'s greatest contributions to modern warfare.” The Jeep was produced in 1941 and in about four years time, over 650,000 of the wartime vehicles were made. Many of the vehicles were then shipped to Europe and other allies of the US through the Lend-lease agreement.

Through the Lend-lease agreement, implemented in the Spring of 1941, the United States provided allies like France, China, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, along with other allied countries, with necessary wartime materials. These materials were provided during the years 1941 to 1945. The shipment of wartime equipment and vehicles was included in some of the supplies that the US supplied to other countries. There were also amphibious “Seep” Jeeps made in the US and shipped to European countries as well. Through the Lend-lease agreement such equipment was to be returned to the US after the war was ended or disposed of, and some of the vehicles ended up in salvage yards in Europe where they now draw the attention of collectors and WWII enthusiasts.

As much as 18% of the Jeeps used worldwide during the war were manufactured first in the US. The Jeeps were made by Willys-Overland as well as Ford. Ford made the Model GPW, and where government vehicles with an 80-inch wheelbase and a Willys motor. Vehicles made by Ford had parts and components labeled with the letter “F.” Willys-Overland was responsible for mass-producing the Model MB Jeep. The MB models had components and parts were stamped with the Willys-Overland name up until 1942.

These Jeeps appeal to vehicle rebuilders too, because they were rugged and highly dependable. Some of the vehicles also appeal to museums looking to put WWII artifacts on display. Other types of vehicles where used in Europe during WWII as well. Vehicles absent of armor were relied on for courier and staff purposes. Troops were also dependent on liaison, courier duty, and exploration, and some soldiers even used bicycles during WWII.

Finding Salvage WWII Vehicles Europe Selections

Tanks and armored vehicles that were no longer in operation also ended up in the salvage yards in Europe. Light M5 tanks, medium M4 tanks, gun motor carriage M10s, tractors, and tank recovery trailers as well as other armored vehicles, once no longer operational, were stored in salvage yards for parts or disposal and later recycling. The M4 Tank was used in many allied nations throughout Europe. This vehicle was also called the M4 Sherman. The vehicle was originally designed in the 1940s and received approval one year later. The tanks weighed just over 33 tons and could achieve 40 mph.

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Alternatively, some companies specialize in wartime vehicle restoration. EuropeMilitary.com is a site offering pictures of restored military jeeps from World War II. The company is located in Europe and specializes in the rebuilding and remodeling of such vehicles. To view images of restored WWII Jeeps in Europe visit http://www.europemilitary.com/.

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