Finding Salvage Vehicles Online

There are many cars that have become popular as salvage vehicles. Many of the vehicles that have become popular as salvage cars are short run models or certain years of popular vehicles that did not have many production models. These cars and trucks become classics over night because they are very collectible. Any time that a big name vehicle gets in a wreck and is considered totaled it becomes a salvage vehicle. The most popular salvage vehicles are the ones that bring the most money. BMW, Lexus and other high end auto makers all have some popular salvage models.

There are some repair shops that simple hunt down salvage vehicles and get them back in working order to resell. These shops are looking for profit so they are always looking for the most expensive vehicle that will sell for a reasonable price once it is repaired. Others may simply be looking for spare parts for their own vehicle. However, if you are only interested in one or two parts, it may be cheaper to purchase the specific parts needed from a local junk yard.

What To Look For

When you are hunting for the perfect salvage vehicle location can be one of the most important factors. In most cases these vehicles are not drivable so transporting them can become a big part of the cost. If you look in your local area for vehicles with salvage titles you can save hundreds of dollars in transport alone. There are usually limited listings in local areas, so using popular online salvage services can help broaden your search and produce much more search results and buying options. It is also important that you do get a title with any salvage purchase even if it is only a salvage title. When the vehicle is repaired you can apply for a new one, but you must be able to show initial ownership to start this process.

You of course want to find a salvage vehicle with as little damage as possible. If you are looking online this can be hard to do because most web sites only show one or two external photos. If you are looking for body panels these shots can be helpful, but they tell you nothing about the alignment issues or any other internal damage. You should always consider the worse possible scenario before you commit to buy. You can learn a lot by making a call or contacting the seller of salvage vehicles. Sometimes the seller can give you more insight into how these vehicles became damaged in the first place.

Top Websites To Find Salvage Vehicles

If you are hunting for a specific year or model of salvage vehicle then using online salvage vehicle searches can save you a ton of time and money. Listed below are some popular salvage vehicle resellers. These sites make it quick and easy to find the salvage vehicle you need.


By far one of the cleanest looking salvage vehicles web sits on the internet, the eRepairables web site http://erepairables.com makes finding great salvage cars to restore simple. You can use the fast filters at the bottom of the page to locate specific models of salvage vehicles in seconds. Each listing will give photos, price, mileage count and contact information for the seller. If there is a king of junk, this web site would be wearing the crown.


The World Wide Auto TM web site http://getwwa.com is one of the largest dealers of salvage vehicles. They offer a selection that is really unbelievable until you see it. This web site has many huge photos so you can see exactly what they have to offer. They know that salvage buyers have to be able see exactly what is for sale before they can make a purchasing decision so they offer more photographs of the vehicles for sale than almost any other web site.


Using the quick search feature on this web site you will be able to quickly locate any salvage vehicle that you may be interested in. You can narrow down your search results by the type of automobile, make, model and even the years that you are looking for. This site does sell cars with clean and salvage titles, so no matter what type of vehicle you are hunting for a deal on, you will find it hear. There are plenty of pictures on the Veh Bidz site http://vehbidz.com, this will let you know exactly what you are bidding on and makes it easy to see if you will be able to recover the parts you need or repair the vehicle in question.


The Ride Safety web sites www.ridesafely.com list worldwide auto auctions. Not all of the cars on this web site are salvage vehicles, but many are. You may have to look through the listings on this site hard to find the real gems, but when you find one it will be very well worth your time and effort. These auctions are held all across the globe and in many cases you can even bid online on the salvage vehicles available. This web site is not the easiest place to find great salvage vehicles, but there are some amazing deals on wrecked cars here. The Ride Safely web site does make it easy to quickly scan for the model you are looking for, just click the name of vehicle you are searching for or you can choose to look at listings by country.

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