Refurbish An RV Interior With Salvaged RV Furniture

While some think it sounds too good to be true, the concept of salvage RV furniture is really quite simple and helps you get the best value out of what you are looking for. So how does the salvaged RV furniture business work?

One of the most common reasons an RV might end up in a salvage yard is because of a salvaged RV title. If the RV was in a wreck and the insurance pay-out was better than the cost to repair the vehicle, the original owner or the insurance company may have sold or given the salvaged RV over to a salvage yard. The salvage yard then goes through and determines what of value might be left in that vehicle. Salvaged vehicles can range in quality from exterior damage to all-over loss after flooding or fire damage. Some of the best furnishings and appliances can be found in these salvaged vehicles. While things such as transmission, engine, or electricity may have been destroyed from the damages incurred by the previous owner, often the interior furniture is left in pristine condition. By working with the furniture RV salvage yard in your area, you can find quality furniture to refurbish your RV until it looks and feels as comfortable as when it was new.

Finding Quality Re-Furnishings

Because many of the RVs in a salvage yard have undergone extensive damage, it may take a little searching to find exactly what you want. Finding quality starts with knowing what you need and want as replacement furniture, and then working with the salvage yard to see what can be found. Often times bringing a long a picture or fabric swatch can help the salvage yard to pin-point the same or similar furnishing to what you had or are looking for. If the furniture needs to go in a specific place, keep a measurement of the space and dimensions of the furniture handy.

If the RV you own is no longer made by the manufacturer, a furniture RV salvage yard is a great place to go looking for discontinued items. Knowing the make and model year and design of your RV will help you to more effectively track down where to begin your search in the salvage yard and what RVs will be the most promising. Not only can you save money by starting in a salvage yard, but you are more likely to come across those pieces that the manufacturer no longer produces.


If you are looking for refurbished RV appliances like ovens, microwaves, burners, or refrigerators, your best bet is to know the dimensions and model number of the particular appliance you are looking for. Often times, RVs have custom appliances installed as part of the new RV, and finding the same dimensions and style mean you need to look for the same make and model year of your old RV. Ask someone working at your salvage yard about where to begin your search for the particular RV appliances you are looking for.


One of the most popularly salvaged RV furnishings are seating and dining furniture. As long as the dimensions are correct, you may be surprised at how easily you can come across RV furniture that is still in great condition at a furniture RV salvage yard. Whether you want to update the interior of your RV by choosing furniture that remodels the look of the inside of your RV, or are trying to stick with the same or similar color scheme, refurbished RV furniture can really take the interior of your RV from looking old and shabby to looking new and fresh. Along with aesthetically pleasing furniture, also try to go for comfort. If you are going to travel a lot in your RV or use it on a regular basis, comfort can be just as important as appearance.

Dining tables and counters in old RVs can get beat up and worn down after years of use. Furniture RV salvage yards often have RVs on their lot that still have RV dining furniture that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost the manufacturer would sell it to you for. Always inspect all moving parts of any folding or storage-doubling furniture before buying it from a salvage yard. If the parts seem to be working in good operation, chances are you are going to get a great deal on your RV re-furnishing endeavors.


For repairing and replacing old RV sleeping quarters such as fold out beds, bunks, or master bedroom furniture, it can be tricky to find refurbished pieces that fit into your RV and function the way you need them too. Like any other furniture, finding the best match at any furniture RV salvage yard starts by knowing the dimensions of the area you are re-furnishing, the make and model of your RV, and the colors or pattern that may be on any of the furniture you are replacing. If you have a clear idea of what you are hoping to find or even a photograph of the furniture you want to replace with salvaged RV furniture, then a salvage yard will be one step closer to leading you in the right direction.
For all of your furniture and appliance replacement needs, try checking a furniture RV salvage yard first. They may have high quality salvaged furniture that is a close or exact match to the furniture you need to replace or upgrade your RV&'s interior and keep it looking nice and comfortable. Keeping your RV up to date can be more inexpensive than you think by buying replacement fixtures and furniture at a discounted rate using furniture RV salvage.

Many RV owners do not have enough money to go all out and buy a brand new RV to fulfill their American dream. There is nothing wrong with this, many used RV models are in great shape and have all the features that newer models offer. However, sometimes there is damaged furniture that may need to be replaced and this can be very expensive. Even if you have a brand new, RV normal wear and tear can make this an issue for new RV owners too.

How Can I Save On Replacement RV Furniture?

This is a question that many RV owners find themselves asking, when they see how much the replacements can cost from the manufacturer or from the RV dealership where you purchased your prize possession. You can check around with various dealers, but most likely you will find that most of them will have a similar book price on RV parts and there is really nowhere that has “cheap” furniture for RVs. Since the initial investment and the value of an RV is so high, dealers know that you will want to protect your investment by keeping it in tip top shape and this really drives the price up.

You can find the same replacement furniture for a lot cheaper by working with RV salvage yards to find the replacement furniture you need. Some people think that buying from a RV salvage parts dealer is stooping low or is not a good option. Much to the contrary, buying from these sellers can save you a lot of money and you can get the same parts in excellent condition. Yes, these parts have been used and you may find some that are not in perfect condition. On the other hand you may find parts from a wrecked RV that is in brand new condition too.

You never know what you can find until you take the first step and start contacting these kinds of dealers and seeing what furniture RV salvage replacements are available for your RV. You may not always find your parts locally but most RV salvage yards can order your replacement RV salvage parts from other dealers and still save you a bundle of money. So if you are looking for RV furniture and you want to save some money, RV salvage yards are you best bet.

What RV Furniture Can I Find At RV Salvage Dealers

You can find most any furniture that you may want to replace on your RV at these salvage parts dealers. If the model of RV you own was a very popular seller, it may be easier to locate the parts you need because there will be more available on the aftermarket. Even if your RV was not a hot seller, sometimes parts are interchangeable and you may be able to find the same seats, tables, or bed pads from other models that will fit yours. You will need to check with the RV salvage dealers to get more information about this. The people that work with replacement parts and furniture usually have a vast knowledge in this field and can point you in the right direction to find the replacement furniture that you need.

Of all the furniture in the RV the driver's seat has to be one of the most commonly replaced. The reason for this is that it is the one seat in your RV that is always filled and this causes it to break down faster due to normal wear and tear. Depending on what electronics controls may be attached to this seat, it can also be one of the most expensive to replace. Other seats in the RV may need to be replaced to. If you have kids you never know what type of stain or how the other seats may get damaged, but it does happen. Since the seats are some of the few parts of the RV that are covered with a material, this makes them more vulnerable to damage like rips and tears. No problem, you can always find a replacement at RV surplus salvage yards.

Sliding doors and folding parts of furniture are another common problem is in some RV's. There are some models that have fold down cabinet doors and other bending parts and it is no surprise that these will need replaced. One way to stop wear on these types of storage compartment doors is to store items here that are used less; this will keep you from opening them as often and eventually wearing out the flexible material.

The table can also become worn from normal use. This is often the center for socializing and can take a lot of abuse over time. If the posts that support the table become bent or warped, this may be the end and time to find a cheap salvaged RV table. Some people will remove damaged posts and then attempt to make a homemade replacement. This is not a bad idea in theory, but most tables have special sized tubing and connecting pieces that cannot be easily remanufactured at home. The surface getting scratched, gouged or otherwise damaged is another reason to find a replacement. You may be able to find the exact match, but you don't have to. Many times these tables are interchangeable between some models of RV's so this may be your chance to find a different design or a more attractive color too.

Where To Find A RV Salvage Yard

You can find these RV salvage dealers by searching your local yellow pages, looking in local auto trade publications or even by contacting other local salvage yards to ask if they can recommend you to any. You may also look online. However, most listings online are going give you contact information to local locations. This is a hard to find service depending on where you live. This is only a minor inconvenience because most will ship salvage RV furniture right to your door. Still, you can check out websites like RV Basics at http://rvbasics.com/techtips/oldparts.html, and RV Resources at http://www.rvresources.com/rvsalvage/ for full listings of different salvage yards to get started finding some existing salvage yards for RV parts.

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